Letting go is not an easy thing to do, but it’s vital in order to make way for something new and beautiful.  This girl's face was made by making tiny circles round & round which created heat and melted the layers of colours below to create her dreamy expression. Very  apt as letting go bit-by-bit in layers.

This beautiful girl inspires an air of calm and peace. The ethereal nature of her hair has been achieved by pulling apart a collection of my favourite serviettes and collaging the fragile top layer of tissue that remained.

​​Grounding is a simple concept, but it takes a conscious effort to stay present to yourself in the moment. At first we may not do it as well as we would like, but the more we practice, the better we get at it. The fruit is being more equipped to respond rather than react to situations in any given moment.



Letting Go

If we want others to love us as we are, we need to show that same compassionate type of love to ourselves first.

Gratitude is not just about ‘seeing’ the blessings around us, but also ‘listening’ for them too. This painting is a reminder to fill our ears with those things that are affirming for us.

It occurred to me, as I was painting this, that love and acceptance of self is a vital component of the Heart Chakra. Her message is "Believe in Yourself" and "I am enough".


Heart Chakra


It occurred to me, at a time when I couldn’t see any way forward, that if I started to think of the situation in a different way, a whole new realm of options became possible. I painted this as a reminder to look at things differently than they at first (and perhaps habitually) appear.

There are seasons to everything. Sometimes things have to be ripped apart and repurposed so that something new and beautiful can emerge. I pulled apart a collection of my favourite serviettes and collaged the fragile top layer of tissue over the entire surface before painting “Autumn” on top of them.

Riding on a tram past a beehive standing proudly atop a building and I thought what a great idea for a hat! Hence “Bee Free” emerged. I feel a light-heartedness and joy in this painting. I hope she makes you smile too J

New Perspective


Bee Free




This painting celebrates the special bond of gilfriends. It's precious to have those in our lives who really 'get' us, who we can celebrate our triumphs with, and who we can turn to in times of need without fear of being judged.
While interconnectedness is such a valid and intrinsic human need, I felt, as I painted this girl, that there is a delicate balance between a healthy need of others and the kind of depleting need that gives our power away. The strength to create our own happiness must come from within as a gift to ourselves. 
A butterfly didn't always look beautiful. In fact, each starts off as a grub. The process of transformation in ourselves may not always look pretty and there are times when it's downright painful. But the ultimate prize of travelling that road is becoming all that our beautiful selves can be.

Dream Big



Life can pull the rug from under us! This celebrates that amazing human capacity to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and reinvent ourselves in a new direction; one that’s often a blessing. I felt Santa had a place as a reminder of a time when to our imagination, nothing was impossible. Dream BIG!​    
I took the beautifully calm “Serenity”, changed her to black and white in Photoshop, then bit by bit started to bring back elements of colour. Metaphorically I felt this process mimicked the process of our life journey of emergence and blooming.
When we focus on whatever we feel we lack, the view can look dismal. Our situation may not change and we still may not have those things, but our perception will certainly shift when we look, instead, with appreciation for all that we do have. Suddenly, our own grass looks greener!




Self-limiting beliefs put constraints on all we can potentially become. May you have wings to FLY with and become all who your beautiful self can be.
When I looked at the natural interconnectedness of the bird, butterfly and flower after finishing painting this, it occurred to me that the very essence of desiring meaningful connection with others is universally hardwired into us. Giving the gift of really 'hearing' and 'seeing' someone is a beautiful thing.  
"If nothing changes, nothing changes" rang loudly in my ears whilst bemoaning the rut I felt in at the time of starting this painting. If I paint intuitively, I find life answers emerge from the page without any pre-planned input from me. This serene girl is stopping to 'smell the roses''. Her msg is Pause, Regroup, New Intention, and Action. 


Life School

Life Vegas

We can feel very vulnerable and exposed when we take steps that defy the limits that limiting self-beliefs put on us. Paradoxically taking such steps loosens the lock on the cage that holds us back from reaching our full potential. You can fly!
Life’s lessons  often stretch us in new ways and directions to enhance our emotional growth. I certainly went through a period of uncertainty and unfamiliarity whilst I was painting this, as it was quite different to my usual style, but I was glad to have the opportunity to give something new a try. She forever reminds me of taking a risk on life.

Life can throw unexpected curve balls at us. Our growth comes from how we respond.

Life's Canvas

Little Garden People

These words came to me whilst I was painting over areas of a painting I wasn’t happy with. It occurred to me that it was like a metaphor for life; we always have a choice to re-evaluate what we've done and do things differently. We can stop, regroup, and then go in a different direction. I created the original background of "Life's Canvas" using acrylics, watercolour crayons, collage, and gesso. I added a pinch of Photoshop magic so that I could find a home for the words that had come to me whilst working on that other painting.
One day on the train, I was doodling in my art journal and I suddenly thought why can’t I add faces to things that usually don’t have them? And that’s when the emergence of the Little Garden People began. I always loved the way Enid Blyton would describe the little flowers in the garden turning their heads up to the sun as if they had little personalities of their own. It was this hark back to a childhood memory that I tried to encapsulate in this painting as after all, we should treasure that part of ourselves that retains a childlike innocence.

Home Sweet Home

Cats Rule

Meet Blackie the cat who represents the fur baby you love to come home to. They say home is where the heart is and that’s especially true if a furry friend is waiting to greet you!

Meet Felix; the cat with ‘attitude’! Cats know what they want and when they want it. Inspired by my childhood tabby cat; a great mate…but always on her own terms!


Cat Kingdom

Meet Tinkerbell my childhood furry best friend named because she very naughtily (but oh so cutely) kept climbing up the Christmas tree and knocking off the ornaments. She was my best present from Santa ever!

Meet Indi and Dara, the two furbabies of a cat mum on Instagram who contacted me to paint her tuxedo cats. I couldn’t resist painting them in a setting befitting the ‘cats rule’ theme :)